Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sad departures

Last month I went up to the barn to drop off some logs and I was saddened to see the Triumphs covered in dust and pigeon poo. I realised that they hadn't moved all year and I wondered why I had them if I wasn't going to do any work on them.

Previously I had thought that as long as they weren't deteriorating I would keep hold of them until I had a chance to get them back on the road, but the way they were looking I thought that it wouldn't be long until they rusted away to nothing.

I made the decision to try selling the 1300TC and the Herald Estate. Because the Herald Saloon is in bits it wouldn't be worth much, so that would be kept. This was a difficult decision because I much prefer the other two and they are much rarer, but this may mean that they would be easier to sell.

I put a message on the Dolomite Club's forum saying that I had decided to sell the 1300TC and a small ad on Club Triumph's web site. I thought that if I managed to sell one of them I would be able to concentrate my efforts on the other. However, before I knew it I had been made an offer on both cars.

Suddenly I had to clean up the cars and get them started. The 1300TC was reluctant to fire, but after fitting some new spark plugs and cleaning the points it started and drove fine. I gave the car a good wash and clean up and found, to my relief that the pigeon poo hadn't affected the paint.
The Herald started almost as soon as I turned the key once I put a new battery on it. It drove as though it had never been off the road and again cleaned up beautifully.

Someone came out and saw the Herald Estate and gave me my asking price for it. Someone else offered me a good price for the 1300TC without even coming to view it. He sent me a deposit, but the car wasn't picked up for some weeks.

When I cleaned up the cars for sale I realised that they had in fact not deteriorated at all! I regretted even more selling them.

So naturally I have started looking for another Triumph that has an MOT and that I can use as a summer run-around, while slowly improving it. I have always kept an eye on what Triumphs are for sale, but of course now I am in a position to buy a car I can't find anything!

I would be interested in a Herald Estate, 1300 FWD, 1500 FWD, Vitesse or Toledo. Preferably a pre '73 tax free model, but I think the condition of the car will be the deciding factor.
I have been looking at a lot of cars on line, but my idea on values seems to differ from many sellers.

I would have thought that as we enter into winter in the middle of a recession I would be in a good position to buy, but so far I haven't seen any bargains. I am enjoying the hunt, though.

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