Friday, 13 March 2009

1962 Triumph Herald 1200

I bought this car as a parts car for the green Herald below. My intention was to use the rear body tub from this car to replace the poorly rebuilt rear on the other car. It had, unfortunately, been involved in an accident not long after it had been rebuilt.

It wasn't until the car was delivered to me that I discovered what lovely condition the car must have been in before the accident.
The interior was almost like new and other than
some rust in the bottom of the doors, there was very little corrosion.

Unfortunately, between me seeing pictures of the car and it arriving at my house it would appear that the car had slipped of a fork lift bending a sill and the floor pan on the drivers side.

Having discovered the terrible condition of the green Herald my plans changed and I am now rebuilding this car and will be using the bonnet and doors from the green car.

It seems that the car was sitting in a scrap yard for three years after the accident. However, with some fresh fuel in the tank and a new batter the car started right up and runs beautifully. The clutch and brakes also worked perfectly - testimony to the quality of the previous rebuild.

So far I have removed the damaged bonnet and front valance and repaired the dented floor. It is slow progress, but will be worth the effort when the car is finished.

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